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Union Street Railroad Bridge Painting - Angled side view of bridge.

Union Street Railroad Bridge Painting

Salem, Oregon

This Waddle & Harrison historic steel bridge was originally built in 1913 and reopened as a pedestrian bridge to wide acclaim in 2009. In 1999, when the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) first offered to donate the structure to the City of Salem, OBEC had completed the feasibility study for the City investigating conversion to a bicycle/pedestrian facility.

Maintenance painting of the bridge had not been included in the original conversion project, but the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) provided a source of funding to re-coat the structure. The goals were to protect and preserve the structure as well as protect the public by encapsulating lead-based paint. The City selected OBEC to provide the painting services with as little construction impact to the public. OBEC completed the project during the winter months to ensure the bridge was open to the public for the warmer spring weather.

The project also consisted of access and hold points for specialty structural and cable inspection and maintenance and included precast panelized deck joint and truss bearing repairs on the historic structure.


Completed 2010

Oregon Department of Transportation
City of Salem

Contract Administration
Construction Engineering
Bridge Inspection