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I-5: Gateway Pedestrian Bridge - Completed bridge

I-5: Gateway Pedestrian Bridge

Eugene/Springfield, Oregon

The Gateway Pedestrian Bridge is not only a breathtaking signature structure, but in one of the United States' top ten bicycling cities, it is also a vital multi-modal transportation link. The bridge connects Eugene neighborhoods west of the freeway to a regional commercial district located east of the freeway in Springfield.

ODOT encouraged OBEC and teaming partner, Dr. Jiri Strasky, to study both conventional and unique bridge types during the design development process for this highly-visible bicycle and pedestrian crossing of the I-5 corridor. The innovative cable-stay configuration ultimately selected utilizes economical precast and prefabricated components and construction techniques, resulting in a cost-effective signature bridge. The precast deck panels were set at night over the course of three evenings with no interruption to the busy interstate traffic.

The public has embraced the visual and functional aspects of this unique structure, and the bridge recently won the prestigious 2010 Portland Cement Association's Concrete Bridge Award.


Completed 2009

Oregon Department of Transportation

Signature Bridge Design
Signing Design
Construction Engineering