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The completed North Umpqua River (Brown) Bridge as seen from the west.

North Umpqua River (Brown) Bridge

Roseburg, Oregon

Roseburg's Brown Bridge, built in 1965, had developed severe structural deficiencies over the years, including major concrete cracking. As a result, the bridge was load-restricted and required monthly inspections to monitor its integrity.

In 2008 Douglas County declared the replacement an emergency. OBEC quickly designed a temporary detour bridge to be built next to the existing bridge to handle traffic while the existing bridge was demolished and a permanent replacement was constructed in its place.

Because of the bridge's high visibility in the area, the County requested a visually appealing structure, so OBEC designed the permanent replacement bridge with aesthetic features such as haunched girders, arched piers, and attractive concrete treatments.

The project also emphasized sustainability at the request of the County. The detour bridge's spans were salvaged from a previous bridge replacement in the area as well as Douglas County's maintenance stockpile, and the concrete deck panels and steel beams will be used again at various other construction sites.


Completed 2011

Douglas County

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Emergency Bridge Replacement
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