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Northwest Maple Avenue Bridge - Distant view of bridge from meadow

Northwest Maple Avenue Bridge

Redmond, Oregon

OBEC developed an arch bridge design for this unique canyon crossing in Redmond, Oregon. The bridge brings a much needed east-west route through the town that is divided by the 3-mile-long canyon.

The structure consists of three deck arches spanning the canyon floor and post-tensioned T-beam end spans that extend from the canyon rims to columns at the arch ends. It includes many unique aesthetic and functional features such as widened areas in the sidewalk to accommodate benches where pedestrians can pause and view the canyon and subtle recessed 'step-light' accent lighting shining onto the sidewalks. To blend visually with the canyon and the frequently-traveled trail passing under the structure, slender arch ribs with no transverse bracing below deck level provided a light and open substructure.

The bridge has won three prestigious awards: the 2007 OCAPA Excellence in Concrete Award, the 2008 Portland Cement Association Concrete Bridge Award, and the 2008 Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Honorable Mention.


Completed 2007

City of Redmond

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