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Existing facilities along Highway 62

Highway 62 (Unit 2) Corridor Solutions

Medford, Oregon

This highly congested section of Highway 62 in Medford, Oregon, has an average daily traffic count of more than 46,000 — more cars and trucks than the adjacent section of Interstate 5.

The $60 million Highway 62 Bypass Corridor Unit 2 project, a critical element of overall regional mobility, will cut congestion and dramatically improve safety on Highway 62 from the I‑5 North Medford Interchange to White City.

Key project elements include design and construction of 2.1 miles of roadway; a grade-separated bypass and structure; seven separate retaining walls totaling 33,900 square feet (in order to reduce the project footprint and minimize right-of-way impacts); a pedestrian underpass to provide bike/pedestrian connectivity; illumination, signing, and new traffic signals at select intersections; stormwater facilities for treatment and detention of stormwater runoff.

The project also includes design and construction of new access roads and security fencing within the Medford Airport boundaries, as well as design coordination with the Airport and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure compliance with runway protection zone restrictions.

In addition to designing the key project elements, OBEC roadway engineers are using innovative 3-D modeling to accurately model every stage of construction to ensure smooth traffic flow to maintain highway traffic mobility during construction of the bypass.



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