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OBEC utilizes 3D scanning and modeling on Minto Island Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge project

OBEC Vice President & Chief Engineer Guy Hakanson recently returned from a trip to Utah with Aaron Kimsey from the City of Salem, during which they inspected the fabrication of the steel arch ribs for the Minto Island Bridge project in Salem, OR., which is currently under construction.

They visited the fabrication shop of Universal Industrial Sales, Inc., who mocked up the arch rib for inspection and acceptance before proceeding with the remainder of fabrication.

One of the criteria for the mock-up is to build it with dimensional tolerance per the approved shop drawings for the arch radius/camber, and also the attachment of the suspender connections to the tube. Due to the complexity of the compound angles and dimensions, combined with the arch rib curvature, it was difficult to measure and confirm the shape and angles were accurate to the drawings.

In order to quickly confirm this, Guy suggested 3D laser scanning, which can then be compared to the design 3D model. OBEC’s Survey Manager Jim Colton contacted Diamond Land Surveying from Salt Lake City, who performs 3D laser scanning, and contracted with them to scan the mock-up and provide that data to OBEC. OBEC designers will take that data and compare it to the design shape and be able to tell how well it matches the fabrication tolerances.

The fabricator, the City of Salem, and Utah Department of Transportation inspection staff were not aware that you could use 3D scanning in this way, and were impressed with the idea. This represents another step in the innovation of our work processes.

You can watch the bridge’s construction in near-real-time with the construction webcam here..