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I-5: Beltline Interchange Flyover

The Gateway area of Springfield is a rapidly growing hub of residential, industrial, and commercial activity, and this flyover bridge was part of an ongoing interchange modernization project aimed at meeting the ever-increasing transportation needs of the local residents and commercial truck traffic.

The new configuration improved safety and capacity of the overloaded interchange by eliminating a short weave section on northbound Interstate 5 (I-5). It also removed the need for traffic headed to Beltline Highway from I-5 to enter the cramped “cloverleaf” design of the existing interchange. The 2,000-foot-long superstructure was constructed in less than six months to minimize traffic interruptions and to meet ODOT’s obligations to a nearby new hospital development that contributed significant project funding.

  • This was the largest ODOT project in Lane County at the time, requiring OBEC designers to work hand-in-hand with ODOT staff to develop bridge and roadway designs, right of way permits, and environmental permitting.
  • The project also included design of the Gateway Pedestrian Bridge over I-5, a couple hundred feet to the south.