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I-5: Gateway Pedestrian Bridge

The Gateway Pedestrian Bridge is not only a breathtaking signature structure, it is also a vital multi-modal transportation link in one of the United States’ top ten bicycling cities. The bridge connects Eugene neighborhoods west of the freeway to a regional commercial district located east of the freeway in Springfield.

OBEC studied both conventional and signature bridge types during the design of this highly-visible bicycle and pedestrian crossing of the Interstate 5 (I-5) corridor. We ultimately designed a cable-stayed configuration that used economical precast and prefabricated components to maximize cost-effectiveness, including a bridge deck made of precast concrete panels. The panels were set at night over the course of three evenings with no interruption to the busy interstate traffic.

  • Designed in conjunction with Czech engineer, Dr. Jiri Strasky.
  • This bridge was part of a larger I-5/Beltline Highway interchange improvement project that included a new 2,000-foot-long flyover bridge.
  • The main spans were erected in a sequence that allowed for work to progress with live traffic on I-5.
  • The project employed the same innovative and cost-effective precast deck panel system that OBEC has used for a number of signature pedestrian bridges across Oregon.
  • Featured in ASPIRE Magazine.
  • 2010 Portland Cement Association Bridge Award