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5th Street Reservoir

OBEC was the lead consultant for the design and construction of a four million gallon replacement of a deteriorated and structurally deficient two million gallon steel tank. OBEC evaluated several design alternatives that would maintain system operations through the majority of construction.

Due in part to geotechnical evaluations, the City ultimately chose to construct a new tank adjacent to their steel tank and added a new ductile iron waterline to the project to improve seismic resilience and minimize interference with existing operations. OBEC integrated an innovative approach to take the existing reservoir offline and repurpose the existing inlet piping to serve as the overflow and drain lines for the new reservoir.

Services Provided

Inspection Structures Surveying
  • To help the City achieve their financial goals, OBEC championed the parallel design of equivalent D110 wire-wrapped and D115 internally post tensioned reservoirs. By bidding both tanks, OBEC was able to increase competition and encourage competitive bids.