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Bolon Island Haul-Out Basin

OBEC provided engineering, survey, and permitting services for these new marine structures. The project required extensive in-water work for dredging and construction of the pier and boat basin. Our environmental staff worked closely with regulatory agencies to allow dredging and pile driving without in-water isolation. These efforts saved a great amount of time and money, and ultimately helped the client to complete the in-water work well ahead of the original schedule.

Our environmental specialists also provided wetland delineation, wetland mitigation design, rare plant survey, biological assessment for fish and marine mammals, local permits, Corps/DSL permits, a stormwater management plan for DEQ, and fisheries habitat enhancement through mitigation and restoration.

  • We successfully negotiated with regulatory agencies to allow alternative sound attenuation for pile driving, eliminating the need for a costly and time-consuming confined bubble curtain.
  • An innovative solution to reduce project costs while maintaining safety was an earthquake early warning system to offset reduced seismic design requirements related to soil liquefaction and lateral spreading. The system will sound an alarm based on sensing non-destructive P waves ahead of destructive S waves.