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OR213: Jughandle Project

(I-205 to Redland Road)

OR 213 is part of an alternative north-south route that runs roughly parallel to I-205 from Portland to Salem. The area around the I-205 and OR 213 connection had long been difficult to navigate because of a nearby intersection that caused traffic congestion and confusion. Site constraints, stormwater compliance, railroad and utility coordination, and the high volume of traffic all contributed to one major design and construction challenge: how to maintain access to businesses during construction and keep traffic moving through?

This high-profile project improved lanes widths, lane configuration, and provided a new bridge in a design nicknamed a “jughandle” for the shape of the roadway curve and the roundabout in the center of the “handle.” Through extensive public outreach and careful traffic staging, OBEC completed accelerated bridge construction under live traffic conditions, allowing both the utilities to remain operational at all times and closing the roadway for only one four-day period.

OR213 (Jughandle Project) - Time-Lapse

  • The project used Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) to decrease the length of the road closure by constructing the new bridge alongside the existing roadway and then sliding it into place over the course of a four-day closure.
  • Design was completed within a challenging six-month schedule and budget, utilizing multiple design teams.
  • A significant portion of the project was constructed over a decommissioned landfill, so design and construction accounted for the risks of methane gas with special provisions.
  • OBEC led an alternative A+C+D contractor selection process including developing technical specifications, scoring criteria, and evaluation process.
  • An accelerated design and construction schedule saved enough money to construct part of the Phase 2 improvements with Phase 1 funding.
  • 2012 Merit Award, Public Relations Society of America
  • 2013 Engineering Excellence Grand Award, American Council of Engineering Companies, Oregon (ACEC)
  • 2013 Project of the Year, Women in Transportation Seminar, Oregon (WTS)
  • 2013 Public Works Project of the Year, American Public Works Association
  • 2013 Public Works Project of the Year, American Public Works Association (AWPA)