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Courthouse Area Transportation Improvements

The construction of a new Federal courthouse near downtown Eugene was a watershed moment in the revitalization of the City’s riverfront area along the Willamette River. The first step in transforming the former industrial area was extensive infrastructure improvements.

OBEC led a design team to realign a major roadway to synchronize with City and local master plans, a future railroad crossing, and the eventual extension of the Courthouse District toward the riverfront. The design also incorporated eco-friendly vegetated swales and natural landscaping for stormwater treatment, while simultaneously enhancing the pedestrian/bicyclist experience in the district.

Services Provided

Inspection Roadways Surveying
  • Required extensive utility coordination due to the nearby railroad tracks and Eugene Water & Electric Board properties.
  • Created bike-ped connectivity to the extensive riverfront trail system.
  • Green street elements created an aesthetic extension of the revitalized downtown.
  • Encouraged extensive business and high-rise residential development.


a vegetated area often used to reduce contamination by detaining and treating stormwater runoff rather than feeding it straight into storm drains, which then directly enter the watershed