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DeFazio Pedestrian Bridge

The eye-catching DeFazio Pedestrian Bridge is a bright red suspension bridge nestled among the trees of Eugene. It solved a crucial need for the area’s bike-savvy population by separating non-vehicular traffic from the surrounding roadways. The 340-foot-long span provides a safe way for cyclists and pedestrians to cross the Willamette River from downtown Eugene to Alton Baker Park, the largest green space in Eugene. It also provides a vital central link in Eugene’s extensive trail system, which is popular for recreationists and commuters alike.

This unique bridge incorporates structural technology that was used for the first time in the United States, including a construction method that avoided construction work in the river and eliminated the need for a temporary work bridge. This was accomplished by using a concrete deck made up of precast segments that were slid out on cables across the river during construction.

  • Designed in conjunction with Czech engineer, Dr. Jiri Strasky.
  • Represents unique technology that was utilized for the first time in the United States, including the use of bridge strand encased in galvanized carrier pipes for the main cables, as well as an extremely efficient deck section constructed from precast concrete segments.
  • Named after Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio, who played a critical role in securing funding for this project.
  • ACI/OCAPA 2000 Excellence in Concrete Award
  • American Council of Engineering Companies 2001 National Award of Merit
  • CECO 2001 Engineering Excellence Award and 2001 Grand Award