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Garden Home Reservoir

A long-term goal for the Tualatin Valley Water District is to provide a seismically resilient system in the event of an earthquake. When the costs to retrofit two steel tanks in a neighborhood proved to be high, it gave the District with the opportunity to provide the neighborhood with a new earthquake-ready reservoir.

OBEC provided structural design, construction inspection, and project management for a 1.75 million gallon concrete D110 water reservoir that replaced the two smaller, aging steel reservoirs. The reservoir features dual water inlets to accept water from two different sources and utilizes an active water mixing system, a first for the District, to confirm water quality. It is also set up to distribute water to fire engines or water distribution equipment in the case of an emergency.

Services Provided

Inspection Structures Surveying
  • The OBEC team designed a coating system and landscaping around the reservoir to help limit the visual impact of the new reservoir on the residential neighborhood.
  • Our public involvement team worked with neighbors to keep them informed of any impacts the project might have on them during construction.