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Harbor Avenue Waterfront Elevated Pier

The Harbor Avenue Waterfront Pier project was an important step toward reaching the City of North Bend’s goal of revitalizing North Bend’s historic waterfront area. This new elevated concrete waterfront pier provides important pedestrian access along Harbor Avenue and serves as a scenic tourist destination.

OBEC provided design engineering services for this project that connects current and future development, as well as accommodates commercial vehicle use for a portion of the path. Commercial vehicle use is anticipated in the future as a transient dock is a likely future phase of the waterfront revitalization. Various path features, including illumination, benches, and bicycle racks, further enhance the waterfront setting.

  • Appearance was an important component of the pier's revitalization. OBEC's team prepared rail, decking, and lighting graphics to present to the City Council, with cost, constructability, and maintenance in mind.
  • There was a lot of local interest in this project. Business owners had various opinions on how they wanted their current or planned businesses connected to the pier. OBEC worked closely with the City to accommodate the majority of requests and achieve broad stakeholder support.