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Hayden Bridge Filtration Plant

The Hayden Bridge Filtration Plant is a 53-acre facility owned by the Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB), the primary provider of utilities to the Eugene community. OBEC has been providing engineering design on the facility since 1994 on a nearly continual series of projects that upgraded the original plant from 75 MGD to 105 MGD, repaired aging facilities, and improved the overall seismic resiliency of the plant.

The most recent project involved structural upgrades of a raw water intake on the McKenzie River, including fish screening and air bursts systems and the addition of another new raw water pump.

Services Provided

  • OBEC has provided engineering services on 12 separate projects at EWEB's Hayden Bridge plant since 1994.
  • One major project included a 15MG partially buried and rectangular prestressed concrete reservoir and a 100 MGD pump station.