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Jasper Trunk Sewer

OBEC provided professional environmental services for a proposed 3.5-mile-long municipal trunk sewer. Within the 59-acre study area, our environmental team delineated ten waterways and more than 23 acres of wetland.

During the design phase, it was determined that construction of the new trunk line would result in unavoidable impacts to jurisdictional wetlands, including 0.34-acre of temporary impacts and 0.48-acre of permanent impacts. As a result, our staff prepared a complete Joint Permit Application that included a wetland functions and values assessment, as well as extensive coordination to finalize the purchase of wetland bank credits as compensatory mitigation.

Services Provided

Environmental Surveying
  • The study area comprised agricultural and livestock fields, maintained lawns, and forests.
  • OBEC staff identified 19 total wetlands as well as six ditches and four creeks.


total wetlands identified by OBEC staff.