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Local Agency Bridge Inspections

OBEC has inspected in-service bridges for more than 50 years and has assisted with ODOT’s Local Agency Bridge Inspection program since it began in 1989. Under ODOT’s Local Agency Inspection program, OBEC has inspected bridges in 11 counties, totaling 2,000 unique structures. Ranked as the number one firm in Oregon for local agency bridge inspection during the last selection, OBEC has successfully completed more than 1,000 Local Agency bridge inspections in a single year.

Under OBEC’s current contract, the firm is responsible for inspecting 775 bridges over 24 months, including 14 fracture-critical bridges, more than 170 bridges with fatigue prone details, and five large bridges with more than 30,000 square feet of deck area each.

Services Provided

  • With Oregon divided into several geographic areas, the geographic area that OBEC inspects has the largest number of bridges and the most bridges with fatigue-prone details.