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Maple Avenue Bridge

The eastern section of Redmond, Oregon, is divided by the three-mile-long Dry Canyon natural scenic area, which had hindered efficient traffic movement from the residential outskirts to the commercial center of town. OBEC designed this concrete arch bridge to bring a much-needed east/west route through town.

The structure includes many unique aesthetic and functional features, such as widened areas in the sidewalk to accommodate benches where pedestrians can pause and view the canyon. A light and open substructure allows the bridge to blend visually with the canyon and the frequently-traveled multi-use trail passing below.

Services Provided

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  • Unique site preparation work included removing loose basalt blocks from the canyon walls.
  • While appearing very uniform, each of the three cast-in-place arches has a unique shape to conform with the canyon.
  • Represents a modern take on the legacy of sweeping arch bridge designs established by Oregon State Bridge Engineer, Conde McCullough, in the 1920s and 1930s.
  • Featured in ASPIRE Magazine.
  • 2007 OCAPA Excellence in Concrete Award
  • 2008 Portland Cement Association Concrete Bridge Award
  • 2008 Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute Honorable Mention