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Minto Island Bridge 3D Scanning

OBEC led the design of a new 305-foot-long iconic pedestrian bridge and 6,000 feet of trail to connect downtown Salem in Riverfront Park to Minto-Brown Island Park. This connection provides South Salem commuters with a car-free connection into downtown and contiguous access to more than 1,000 acres and 20 miles of trail.

The unique inclined arch cable-stayed bridge design required ultra-accurate surveying of the actual steel pipe arch ribs and cable hangers that could then be compared to the original 3D design model. To accomplish this, OBEC used 3D laser scanning to create a digital model of the bridge as it took shape. This allowed our construction engineers to advise the contractor with exact, up-to-the-minute adjustment values for the bridge’s arch hanger locations.

Services Provided

Bridges Roadways Surveying
  • A 3D laser scan collected upwards of 10,000 points per second, resulting in a data point cloud of millions of points.
  • The density and accuracy of the data points can be processed into models and nearly photo-realistic images.
  • 2017 Oregon APWA Project of the Year for the $5M to <$25M category