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Steel Tower and Concrete Reservoir Seismic Evaluation

OBEC provided inspection and seismic evaluation for four elevated steel water reservoirs and an at-grade concrete reservoir for the City of Vancouver, ranging in size from 250,000 gallons to 10,000,000 gallons, and built between 1945 and 1968.

OBEC worked closely with the City to determine project objectives and desired performance. The level of effort for each reservoir was carefully managed to provide the maximum amount of value to the City. For the at-grade concrete reservoir, a simple fatal flaw analysis determined that retrofit of the structure was not a cost effective solution. In contrast, at Water Station 3, analysis included nonlinear time history analysis to evaluate a seismic friction-damper retrofit system.

Services Provided

Inspection Structures
  • At key points throughout the project, OBEC met with a cross-section of City staff to explain the analysis, get shared buy-in on performance objectives, and collaboratively determine the next step.