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Weaver Road Extension

The southern Oregon cities of Myrtle Creek and Tri-City are situated alongside the main north-south shipping and travel corridor in Oregon, Interstate 5 (I-5), but they lacked easy access onto and off of the freeway. The Weaver Road Extension solved that by adding a new curved steel girder structure, in the shape of an elegant “S”, which extends east from I-5 across the South Umpqua River to Old Highway 99.

The project was widely supported in Douglas County because of the positive impacts it had on the community. It increases growth opportunities for businesses in Tri-City and Myrtle Creek now that they are connected directly to I-5, and also it cuts down on response time for emergency vehicles.

  • The “S” shape of the bridge was the result of archaeological investigations that discovered a historically-sensitive site within the bridge footprint. The unique curved girder design reduced the bridge footprint and satisfied both tribal and State Historical Preservation Office concerns.
  • The OBEC team selected weathering steel as a durable, low-maintenance solution suited for the local environment.
  • Douglas County is home to several long-span weathering steel girder bridges, including three designed by OBEC.