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Winchester Bay Crabbing Dock

Douglas County owns the vintage pier structure in Winchester Bay, Oregon, known locally as the “Crabbing Dock.” The County retained OBEC to perform a condition assessment of the timber dock structure. OBEC performed the above-water inspection and brought in a diver for the underwater inspection. The assessment provided critical information for determining the maintenance and repair for this waterfront asset.

OBEC prepared a summary report that recorded all the inspection results and provided recommendations for a phased repair plan, including order of magnitude cost estimates for the recommended repairs. OBEC also assisted the County with preparation of grant applications and provided the design of a rehabilitation.

Services Provided

Inspection Structures
  • The approach runway structure is approximately 823-feet-long and includes 72 bents.
  • Hammer sounding of timber elements was employed during the inspection, and timber elements were cored if recoil or irregular sound was detected during the hammering, which could indicate possible decay.