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Yamhelas Westsider Trail

The lack of sidewalks and bicycle routes connecting unincorporated Cove Orchard to the City of Carlton, created unsafe conditions for pedestrians, cyclist, and motorists. Motivated by a desire to create a safe bike, pedestrian, and equestrian connection, this first phase of the Yamhelas Westsider trail converts an abandoned stretch of railroad into an 8.8-mile-long shared-use path and lays the groundwork for expanded recreation opportunities.

OBEC’s environmental staff assessed the area and prepared a No Effect Memorandum. OBEC also coordinated with ODOT biologists and USFWS staff to identify appropriate avoidance and conservation measures to implement during construction and prepared a Biological Assessment Memorandum.

  • To accommodate multiple user types, OBEC’s engineers designed a 10-foot-wide asphalt concrete path with five-foot-wide decomposed granite equestrian paths and two-foot gravel shoulders.
  • The project includes three bridges and a trailhead with a 14-space parking lot, restrooms, benches, picnic tables, bicycle storage, and a dog park.


mile-long abandoned stretch of railroad converted into a shared-use path.